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Freshly Roasted Coffee

Kienna® Coffee Roasters is a family run coffee business based in Calgary Alberta. In 1999 Kienna® coffee was founded with a mission to provide fresh locally roasted coffee to the working communities of Western Canada. Kienna® had a strong belief that the office was a place people should be able to enjoy a quality cup of coffee. In the early years Kienna® Coffee Roasters focused on office coffee and after having successfully grown their office coffee business Kienna® entered the single serve market by launching the Kienna® Coffee pods and the KiennaCUP™ adapter for Keurig® brewers. With over 79 years of combined experience Kienna® is proud to be a Canadian success story.

This is just a sample of the many Kienna Coffee Flavours we have on offer at Joffre’s Water:


  • Individual coffee pods 
  • 18 varieties of coffee from light to dark roast)
    10/12 cup coffee packs 
  • Bourbon Santos Coffee from Kienna (Other flavours available. Call for pricing.
  • BUNN Coffee Makers available for rental.

Wine & Beer Kits

Make Beer at Home

At Joffre’s Water we offer a variety of wine and beer making kits. Are you looking to make wine or beer from home? Joffre’s Water has all your needs covered as well as knowledgable staff to help you out!

Beer Making Kits
  • DIY Coopers 
  • BrewDemon

At Joffre’s we carry kits that start at $79.95 and go all the way up to $150.00. As you get into making your own wine you will soon learn the expense range that suits your budget. Each kit produces 30 to 33 bottles, so even the expensive kit costs only $4.50 per bottle. Yet your wine may well be a variety that sells for $28.00 per bottle in the stores. YES! You can make wine that good. Give it a try. We have all the kits, supplies and expertise you need.
Wine Making Kits - Vine Co Series:
  • Niagara Mist
  • Signature
  • Estate
  • Original
  • Legacy
  • Vinifera