Finding the Best Water System

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Bad Taste
  • After Taste
  • Rusty Water
  • Foul Odor
  • Cloudy Water
  • Orange Stains
  • Water too Hard
  • Lots of Sediment
  • The Unknown
“We had a system installed in our house.  Great service and now great water.  Everyone is very helpful and very nice. Pricing is good.”    M. S. customer

At Joffre’s we test your water and using our expertise, we help find and set up the best In-Home Water system for your family. We take into consideration the quality of your water, and how many are living in the home to estimate your daily usage – Every system we set up is specialized to your family’s needs to ensure good tasting, clean water.


Hard water contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. The result is hardscale in pipes and appliances that can clog those pipes, reduce soap’s ability to lather, reacts with soap to form a sticky scum and lowers efficiency (even damaging) appliances. Learn more

Iron in water imparts bad taste (metallic) and leaves unsightly residue/stains on appliances, plumbing fixtures and clothes.  Learn more

Big Blue

Heavy metals create similar issues, plus pose serious health problems. Learn more

Filter Housing

Available with various fittings to meet your water line’s specifications  Learn more

Double Filter Housing

Used in whole house application Learn more 

Filter Housing Ultraviolet Light

Reduces harmful contaminants Learn more  

Inline Carbon Filter

Activated carbon to reduce chlorine, taste, odour, and sediment particles up to 5 microns. Learn more

Filter Housing Single

Comes with carbon block filter, and chrome lever faucet. (Service Life: 1500 gallons/1 year)
Learn more

Filter Housing Double

Polyspun sediment filter used in 1st stage of filtration to remove dirt, sand, and silt particles. Learn more


Removes harmful substances such as chlorine, heavy metal ions, salts, and general reduction from tap water.  Learn more

Vectapure NX

Reduces or removes: salts, nitrate, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, sediment (dirt, rust, oxidation), nitrates, herbicides and pesticides, V.O.C.s Learn more

Vectapure 400 NX

The all-new Vectapure 400 NX residential RO drinking water system demonstrates breakthrough RO technology.
Learn more